Pregnancy is a rigorous time. What with the hormonal changes your body undergoes, you long to be on the exercise track to get fit? Your baby need not be neglected in this routine of yours. Jogging baby strollers can come in handy when you set out on your jogging routine. Unlike traditional strollers a jogging stroller can keep your baby safe while you jog on all sorts of bumpy surfaces. Since its invention in 1983 the jogging stroller has been the preferred method of keeping your baby out of harm’s way as you pursue your fitness regimen.

Before you rush to buy just any jogging baby stroller, make sure the one you buy suits your lifestyle for jogging strollers are expensive. So the question is how do you select the best jogging stroller. That is where this article comes in. It will provide you with all the nitty gritty of jogging strollers and by the time you are finished reading this article, you will be an expert in jogging strollers.

Features of jogging strollers

Wheels stand out when you are discussing jogging strollers. Traditional strollers have four wheels whereas jogging strollers only have three. They measure 12-24 inches in diameter. Wheels of jogging strollers are much larger than traditional strollers. The larger wheels allow the jogger to easily push the jogging stroller over rough and uneven surfaces like grass, gravel, dirt trails or sand.

Unlike other baby strollers these wheels are not made from hard plastic or solid rubber. Rather they resemble small bicycle tires. And like bicycle tires the air pressure of jogging strollers will need to be checked. This also implies that you could end up with a flat tire on your stroller in case you puncture it. There is one advantage though you can inflate your stroller’s tires with a bicycle pump.

Front wheel: fixed or swivel

The front wheel of a stroller comes in two styles. Fixed and swivel. The reason for this is not just cosmetic. It determines how you use your jogging stroller. The fixed wheel is your option if you are serious about your jogging.

Rims or mags

Rims are not aesthetically as appealing as mags. The latter are also lighter. Hence, if you want a smooth jogging experience opt for wheels with mags.


Handbrakes will allow you to remain in control when jogging on downhill slopes. Handbrakes are only found on jogging strollers with fixed wheels.


Look for shock absorbers behind each wheel, the shock absorbers allow the stroller to bounce up and down without jolting the baby.


The seat is where your baby sits, so make sure that the seat is super comfortable. As if your baby is comfortable your jogging session will go uninterrupted.


By design a jogging stroller is much larger than the traditional stroller. Therefore, jogging strollers do not fold small. Depending on your brand it will fold in the following ways. There is a lever which when you pull and remove the baby it folds quickly. The other type of stroller has a quick folding mechanism which allows you to hold the baby with one hand and fold the stroller with other.

Now that you have chosen your stroller, go out there, jog and revive your fitness regimen.…

Every parent wants to give their child every little and large thing they need and so strollers have a created a natural urge to be in the list! strollers are basically designed for parents would want to roam around with their baby; in case you are a parent of a one year child you will be in need of this. If you are thinking to buy one for your one year child, below article is for your means, go through and make your buying smarter! Follow the following tips while shopping and make the ride for your baby and you worth spending.

See how easily the baby stroller can be handled

This is the most important thing to be taken care for is handling. Moreover if you are the one to be taking it in and out of your four-wheeler a number of time in a day you have to consider this more carefully. Now look at the stroller and check it own self how easily it get folded, is this comfortable doing it this way?

See how safe it is

For your kid Strolling is created to give a safe environment, a safe feel when children taken outside. They spend very less time outside and as a parent I suggest you to make it the best time they spend. You should check the safety while asking these questions to yourself i.e. how smooth it is strolling. Is the protective enough shady? Is the quality satisfying? Are the joints enough strong to bear weight? Etc.

See how heavy it is

Weight is again another most important thing to be considered. Well, now the choice depends upon you whether you want the stroller to be of too light weight so that you can handle it easily and take a chance with quality (there are better options with light weight but they still can’t beat the heavier ones in this zone). If you are able to find a piece that is heavier, and that can be handled easily pat your back! And consider yourself successful in the mission.

Padding, Material and seats

The quality of materials used, seating arrangement, and padding may differ from brand to brand. Well, I suggest you to prefer seat covered with high quality leather or some durable material. Likewise, the padding and other things to be preferred which can be easily cleaned and also not harsh to your child. Moreover, you can also go for more amazing options like eco-friendly material, reusable materials etc.

Adjustable Handlebars

As per my experience I have always taken care of the adjustable limit of the handle bars before everything as me and my spouse have a good gap in our height so we need it to be very precise about the adjustability of stroller. For parents who have a normal height I don’t thing adjustable handlers be a point to be considered, but if you are one too short or too tall then this is very important point to be kept in mind.
Buying a baby stroller can be bit difficult, specially if you are parenting very first time. Baby strollers are best way to roam aroung without having to carry your baby in your arms. Hope these tips help you in buying a perfect baby stroller. Happy shopping.…

With the different choices in types of strollers available today, many parents are faced with a dilemma as to which one to buy. While all parents want to choose the best for their baby, they can definitely get the best, but they should be careful as many mediocre types are also available. Strollers are essential to take the babies out on family outings and also for regular evening walks. Naturally, one should have a sturdy and durable stroller that fits one’s active lifestyle. Here is a guide for choosing one from the different types available that ease your life.

Lightweight strollers

Lightweight strollers are a must for city dwellers. This way, you can push the stroller easily on busy, crowded streets. These strollers are compact and lightweight and can be stored easily and also do not cause much obstruction on-the-go. The mountain buggy style urban stroller has plenty of storage space on it; cup-holders, under-stroller compartments etc. These strollers are also lightweight; weighing less than 20 pounds. They are also conveniently designed with adjustable handles to suits a variety of users.

Strollers with plug-ins likeiPods and MP3 systems

If you like listening to music while pushing you baby around, then you will love the strollers that come in with plug-ins likeiPods and MP3 systems. Many of these strollers also have a rugged construction that gives a smooth ride on any type of road. This way, moms and dads can walk and jog on rough country roads without the baby suffering from bumps and jolts. Your child will get a smooth ride irrespective of the condition of the road. They also come equipped with a well-thought of ‘parent tray’ that allows parents to keep their keys and coffee cups. These strollers are also moderately priced.

Car seats baby strollers

For parents who travel a lot in their cars, there are baby strollers which allow them to store their car seats. The best part of such strollers is that you need not buy both the products from the same manufacturer; the car seat and the stroller can belong to different brands, yet the ‘snap and go’ model will allow both the items to be compatible. You can even buy these strollers online and they come fully assembled. These strollers are compact and unobtrusive in crowded grocery stores.

Jogger strollers

Athletic parents love the specially designed Jogger strollers which have hand brakes and a convenient one handed-fold, so one can maneuver the stroller with one hand while jogging. Moms who want to get fit sooner love this design and babies love the sun canopy and window that these strollers have.

Many of you might not want so many features in the strollers; and all these above mentioned ones might simply be unnecessary. These strollers are simply designed to do what strollers should do-take your baby around. They do not have cup-holders, storage compartments, trays, entertainment systems or any other accessories. They are lightweight, compact and built for taking up the least amount of space. Many moms and dads love their simple yet functional designs. If you are among them, this stroller is for you.…

Having a new baby in the family would entail a lot of responsibilities on the side of the parents. Providing only the best for the baby is the most important concern. All of the things provided are to be carefully thought of. One of these things is the baby’s stroller. However, it will be more difficult to the mother if she’s expecting two babies? That means efforts are doubled just to take care of the twins.

As a mother who gave birth to twins, your best ally is the double stroller. Nowadays, there are three variations of double strollers that you can choose from based on your needs as well as the twins’.

Three Variations of Double Strollers

* Tandem strollers
* Side-by-side strollers
* Jogging strollers

Introducing Double Jogging Strollers

Double jogging stroller is yet another innovation in double strollers. In choosing the best of the jogging strollers, here are the important guidelines to keep in mind when you shop for this kind of strollers to ensure your twin’s safety.

* Wheel size. A double jogging stroller must have bigger wheels. Choose a sixteen inch size for the back and front wheels. The smoother the ride, the more comfortable your twins will feel. Also, it will be easier to push.

* Quality of design and construction. Having to carry two babies means that your stroller should be durable. A good stroller is sturdy so it can’t be easily bent and your babies can use it for a long time. Choose a stroller made of aluminum frame that is welded. The seats must be padded, and they should recline so babies can take a nap. And never forget to pick alloy wheels.

* Lightweight. The lighter the stroller the better. After all, you don’t want to end up pulling your heavy strollers that are built insufficiently, especially when they carry your twins.

* Safety. A 5-point harness built in your chosen double jogging stroller is safe for your twins while you are jogging or taking a walk.

* Shield. How well your babies are protected against rain, wind, or the sun depends on the canopy of the strollers. Choose a stroller with two independent canopies for each of their seats.

* Handlebar design. The height and adjustability of the handlebar should also be considered so that your height as well as your spouse’s will not be an issue as to who will push the strollers.

* Weight limit. It would be better if you choose a stroller with higher limit since you can put on more stuff like diapers, toys, or baby wipes. More importantly, your babies can still use the stroller if they grow bigger or older.

* Shock absorber. This is an added feature and may not be necessary but important as well to be prepared for bumpy roads.

* Brake. It is important that the brake is functioning well to avoid your double stroller from running away while you are putting something on the stroller.

To know more about top of the line double strollers and the different models available, visit Pure and Honest Kids. You can check the images to view each double stroller to help you decide which one to buy.…

Puppy house training

There are several ways that you can wish your kids grow and having the best ways of training them to the life style you want is the best feeling to every fun loving parent. There are a number of baby strollers that you can have in order for you to enjoy the fun of parenting. Do you love having trips across the world you do not have to feel the burden just because you have a kid and you don’t know where to leave him as you travel? There is a way for you to go along with your son or daughter and still not feel the pain.

iSafe dobble Baby stroller System (Black)

It is important to have something that has both your child and you as a parent at heart. It is made to feel safe and comfortable for a new born baby or a toddler. It is manufactured and designed using that quality material, and a team of specialized professionals. It is therefore a 100% guarantee that the customer will love to own this product. This high tech baby stroller comes with a car seat that ensures convenience and affordability.

Puppy house training

Overall review

This pram is the best deal to every parent with it’s adjustability this tells you that it will serve you kid from a younger age and go along time with them during their growing sessions. If you are the out going parent believe you me you will just fall in love with this pram. The choice of colors is another added benefit to your closet. The price is also friendly and therefore ensures that you are on a safe side of your budget. It also has a manual that takes you through all the features for efficiency and easy using for both the child and parent.

Overall review

It is a great pram for such an affordable price. For parents who are just looking for ways to have your child seated in the car and enjoy the compact ride this kind of pram is the most ideal. The shopping basket is of a manageable size.

Baby Jogger Deluxe Pram (Black)

Looking for a way to give your newly born child that unique comfort with a luxuries interior of a pram? Try the baby jogger. It has a canopy that ensure the sun and you child don’t meet any time you are out and about your activities. There is nothing as comfortable as having the ability to clean the mattresses under which you baby seats on. This strollers gives you that confidence it has a mattress that is machine washable to keep you baby cool during the summer.

Overall review

It is a great pram has a great size hat a baby will not outgrow soon. With this kind of baby strollers, you can have the ability to centralize the world and make travelling and shopping as fun and enjoyable for both your child and you. You don’t have to be left behind by your matches just because you have become a parent. You still need the chance to bond and interact with your kid as often as possible. With one of the above asserts you will automatically be on your feet and good to go.…